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Articles by me published elsewhere: January 2015 round-up

Image source: freeimages.com/profile/ilco

Image source: freeimages.com/profile/ilco

Not everything I write about learning Chinese ends up here on Hacking Chinese. Some things will be available later as Hacking Chinese articles or projects, but much is written for other websites.

Here’s what I wrote up to the beginning of January 2015:

Various articles about Mandarin on About.com
December, 2014 – About.com

These articles were all published on About.com through my role as Mandarin expert writer there:

  1.  Learning intonation in Mandarin Chinese: Tips and tricks for learning intonation in a tonal language
  2.  One Chinese character, multiple pronunciations: How to learn the pronunciation of tricky Chinese characters
  3.  How to spell and pronounce Tai Chi / Taiji: One pronunciation, many spellings
  4.  Learning Mandarin? Start here! Suggestions on how to get started learning Chinese
  5.  Pronouncing the first tone in Mandarin Chinese: The basics plus some common mistakes
  6.  Four great dictionaries to help you learn Mandarin Chinese: All the dictionaries you need, both for mobile and computer
  7.  Learning Chinese with Zdic.net: Why Zdic.net is a great dictionary for learning Chinese
  8.  Common Mandarin learner errors, part 1: Staying in the classroom
  9.  Common Mandarin learner errors: part 2: Aiming for 100%

When small changes make a big difference, part 1
When small changes make a big difference, part 2
When small changes make a big difference, part 3
December, 2014 – Skritter

These three articles deal with Chinese characters that look almost the same and differ only in the slope or length of one single stroke. The first article contains a short quiz and the two following articles contain explanations of all the characters in the quiz. Beginners probably needn’t worry too much, but if you care about correct handwriting, you should know about these characters.

That’s it for now! I will keep posting one article round-up every month, collecting the articles from the previous months. If you like Hacking Chinese or what I’m writing in general, the best thing you can do is to share! Donations are also more than welcome! If you want to read more about my different roles on Skritter and About.com, please read the first monthly round-up. If you want to view all articles written by me but published elsewhere, check my bibliography page.

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