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Articles published in February 2018

  1. Chinese learning challenges, March 2018: Vocabulary + open

    Motivation is one of the key factors when learning a language. Being motivated might not mean that you learn more efficiently (more Chinese per hour studied), but it definitely means that you spend more time, hence also learning more Chinese. The purpose of Hacking Chinese Challenges is to provide a framework where you can set […]

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  2. Chinese New Year and New Semester Course Discount

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    To mark the Chinese New Year and the start of a new semester, I offer a time-limited discount for my video/audio/text course, valid until the end of this week (February 18th).

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  3. Learning to unicycle, learning anatomy and learning Chinese

    Is learning Chinese more like learning to unicycle or like learning anatomy? It strongly depends on what we’re talking about more precisely. Some aspects of language learning are skills akin to unicycling, others are more about knowing and understanding.

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