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  1. Which words you should learn and where to find them


    When learning a language, it’s important to know many words, but it’s also important that you learn the right words. How do you know which words to learn? Where should you find those words? Note: This was written using only the 100 most used words to show how good it is to know the right words.

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  2. The illusion of advanced learning and what to do about it


    How much Chinese will you know when you have finished a certain textbook? Less than you think! In this article, I discuss the danger of relying too much on one textbook series and the importance of broadening your knowledge rather than making it advanced in just a few, small areas.

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  3. Using Chinese textbooks to improve reading ability


    Textbooks are underrated as a source of reading material for beginners and intermediate students. By using more than one textbook series, you reap the benefits of using textbooks, while avoiding the main drawback, the lack of diversity. This article discusses how and why textbooks are important for most learners of Chinese.

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  4. Learning how to fish: Or, why it’s essential to know how to learn

    Learning how to learn is an essential skill for anyone who studies Chinese. It’s important even if you’re enrolled in a language program, because even though it might feel safe to have someone telling you what to do, that feeling is partly false. Only you can make sure that you’re learning what you need, so you’d better learn how to learn if you want to succeed!

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  5. Why you should use more than one textbook

    Studying a foreign language in a classroom situation (which should be most of us, I think) typically depends on a series of textbooks. What I’m discussing here is the value of using additional textbooks as a resource for more comprehensive vocabulary learning.

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