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Articles tagged with ‘Comprehensible input’

  1. Three steps to more and better Chinese listening practice

    Listening to enough Chinese audio isn’t easy. It requires you to find suitable audio in large quantities as well as to make that audio easily accessible wherever you are. That’s not enough, though, you also need to be able to keep this up for weeks, months and years, and that’s where the real challenge is. This article is meant to help you listen to as much Chinese audio as you should.

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  2. Easing yourself into reading novels in Chinese

    Reading a novel in Chinese is the goal for many learners, but perhaps it’s easier to accomplish than you think. This article discusses various methods of making novel reading easier in Chinese, mainly focusing on the benefits of re-reading books you are already familiar with and know you like because you’ve read them before in your native language.

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  3. The importance of knowing many words

    Any teacher, student or researcher will agree that vocabulary is very important, but few of them will go as far as I will in this direction. I don’t simply believe that vocabulary is king, I believe it’s god emperor as well. Learning many words enables you to communicate and it also makes you learn other areas of the language faster.

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