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  1. Improving Foreign Language Pronunciation: Interview with Hacking Chinese on Language is Culture

    This is a 70-minute interview with me done by David Mansaray of Language is Culture. In the interview, we talk mainly about learning how to pronounce a foreign language as an adult. I share some of my own knowledge, thoughts and opinions and there’s probably something for everyone in this interview. Listen to it directly or download it to your phone for later listening!

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  2. You might be too lazy to learn Chinese, but you’re not too old

    Children learn languages neither quickly nor effortlessly. Adults have several advantages that allow us to learn more efficiently. It’s true that children achieve better pronunciation and accent, but not mainly because they are children, but because adults don’t care enough, don’t receive enough feedback or don’t spend enough time. So, no, you’re not too old. You might be too lazy, too close-minded or too busy, but you’re definitely not too old.

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  3. Understanding regionally accented Mandarin

    Learning to understand regionally accented Mandarin is essential. Very few people speak perfectly standard Mandarin and it’s your responsibility to understand what they’re saying, not theirs to speak so you understand. This article delves deeper into the whys and hows of learning regionally accented Mandarin.

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