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A new semester has just begun and it’s time for another Hacking Chinese meet-up. This means that we meet in a restaurant, café or other location to discuss learning Chinese or anything else you find interesting. Native speakers of any language (including Chinese, of course) are welcome, but no-one should be afraid of their Chinese being too poor to show up (we speak mostly English anyway).

Image credit: flickr.com/people/tylerdurden/

Image credit: flickr.com/people/tylerdurden/

If you want to join, please sign up via Facebook below or leave a comment to this post. If you’re going to bring your friend, partner or whatever, please let me know as well so I can book the appropriate number of tables.

Hacking Chinese meet-up Facebook event

Exact time and location will be announced later, but it will be around lunch on Sunday, October 6th, probably close to NTNU, but definitely within easy reach from the main station. The meet-up itself is of course free, but most restaurants and cafés have a minimum charge. See you there!

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3 Responses to Hacking Chinese meet-up in Taipei 2013-10-06

  1. Jiri Jakes says:

    Hello! I don’t have FB account but would like to join! Thanks!

  2. Payday McHaircut says:

    Hi I have stopped using facebook but am interested in coming. Could you send me the info too?