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  1. Chinese character challenge, October 10th to 31st


    Let’s learn characters together! If you need to expand your knowledge of characters, fight you ever-increasing review queue or just learn more of them, this challenge is for you. Enrol, set a goal and learn as much as you can before the end of the month!

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  2. Challenge site upgrade + September translation challenge


    This month’s Hacking Chinese challenge is about translation from your native language to Chinese. Enrol, set your goal and translate as much as you can before the end of the month. This post also contains information about a recent upgrade to the challenge site.

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  3. Extra course content and new-semester discount


    I have added content to my course in the form of a study checklist highlighting things you can do to upgrade the way you’re learning Chinese. I also offer a new-semester discount for the course, valid until the end of Thursday next week (September 8th).

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  4. Hacking Chinese on Patreon: Support me and get awesome rewards!

    Support Hacking Chinese on Patreon!

    Hacking Chinese has been around for six years and I have written more than 300 articles about a better way of learning Mandarin. Now I ask for your support to expand Hacking Chinese further and make it even more useful for students and teachers!

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  5. How I learnt Chinese, part 6: Graduate program in Taiwan

    We can still make progress, of course, and if we enjoy it, we can also achieve a lot. But it's not easy.

    In this sixth part of the story of how I learnt Chinese, I talk about my two years in a master’s program for teaching Chinese as a second language in Taiwan. I share three main insight about motivation, extra-curricular activities and advanced learning.

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  6. Hacking Chinese meet-ups in San Francisco (July 20th) and New York (July 24th)

    Hacking Chinese meet-ups in the US

    I will arrange two meet-ups in the US next week: one in San Francisco on July 20th and one in New York on July 24th. The article contains more info about the meet-ups, including how to register. I also need your help to find suitable venues!

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  7. How I learnt Chinese, part 5: Returning to Sweden

    Excursion with Taiwanese exchange students

    In this fifth part of the story of how I learnt Chinese I write about the two years I spent in Sweden after returning from Taiwan. I learnt on my own, through online course and by hanging out with exchange students.

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  8. Chinese benchmarking challenge, June 10th to 30th


    Benchmarking is about knowing where you are on your language-learning journey. In this month’s challenge, the idea is to assess your progress and try to measure your current proficiency in different ways.

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  9. How I learnt Chinese, part 4: My second year in Taiwan

    How I learnt Chinese, part 4: My second year in Taiwan

    This post covers my third year of learning Chinese, which was spent at NTNU in Taipei and at Wenzao in Gaoxiong. I round off with important lessons I learnt about learning Mandarin during this time.

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  10. Chinese writing challenge, May 10th to 31th


    This month it’s time for a writing challenge! Enrol, set your goal and write as much as you can before the end of May. This article contains more information about the challenge, some important things to keep in mind as well as a discussion about how to improve writing ability.

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