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A better way of learning Mandarin

Olle Linge, Author at Hacking Chinese

  1. Are you practising Chinese the right way?


    The most efficient way of learning something is not necessarily the most straightforward one. However, the farther your way of practising is removed from the target activity, the more you need to make sure that you’re actually learning the right things.

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  2. The benefits of using 语文/國文 textbooks to learn Chinese


    Using textbooks meant for native speakers is a great way of improving your reading and writing, as well as learning about literature and culture in general. 语文/國文 textbooks are difficult, but also very rewarding!

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  3. Hacking Chinese meet-ups in San Francisco (July 20th) and New York (July 24th)

    Hacking Chinese meet-ups in the US

    I will arrange two meet-ups in the US next week: one in San Francisco on July 20th and one in New York on July 24th. The article contains more info about the meet-ups, including how to register. I also need your help to find suitable venues!

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  4. Accessing Chinese culture through cartoons


    Accessing Chinese culture can be very hard if you go through the original stories or written versions. If you go through cartoons online, however, it not only becomes easier, it’s also more fun!

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  5. How to talk about Chinese characters in Chinese

    Colloquial names of radicals

    There are two problems when talking about Chinese characters in Chinese: How do you identify a written character using only spoken language? Once identified, how do you describe how that character is written, again using only spoken language? For new learners, it might not be clear why these are problems. Talking about words in English […]

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  6. How I learnt Chinese, part 5: Returning to Sweden

    Excursion with Taiwanese exchange students

    In this fifth part of the story of how I learnt Chinese I write about the two years I spent in Sweden after returning from Taiwan. I learnt on my own, through online course and by hanging out with exchange students.

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  7. Don’t forget to consolidate the Chinese you have already studied

    consolidate your knowledge

    Learning new things is important, but sometimes it’s more important to focus on things you have already studied. This article is about how to consolidate the Chinese you have already conquered.

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  8. The best Twitter feeds for learning Chinese in 2016


    Learning Chinese through Twitter is great because it gives you bite-sized chunks. This post presents the best Twitter feeds for learning Chinese in 2016.

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  9. Chinese benchmarking challenge, June 10th to 30th


    Benchmarking is about knowing where you are on your language-learning journey. In this month’s challenge, the idea is to assess your progress and try to measure your current proficiency in different ways.

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  10. How going shopping can help you learn Chinese

    How going shopping can help you learn Chinese

    Shopping can be a great way of learning a language. By having similar conversations many times in different shops, you can gradually improve your speaking ability.

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